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City Data Services is a company that provides and hosts data management systems for cities, counties and private businesses. Our systems have been used since 2008 for managing all aspects of public services, (i.e., CDBG and ESG) multi-family and single-family housing projects/programs, (i.e., HOME and FTHB) and special funds, (i.e., mitigation fees, health fees, art fees).



CDS systems are built upon the premise that whoever generates the information, should be putting it into the system. Sub-recipients enter information and Staff manages. One piece of information informs all the places it needs to be, applications, contracts, periodic reports, invoices, compliance, monitoring and inspections. In addition, we provide you the ability to transmit information directly into HUD's IDIS with a click of a mouse. Our systems save 30% of your time, that is half of Thursday and all of Friday to do the rest of your work!



Our clients will attest that we provide exceptional customer service. When you contract with City Data Services you are not only getting an extraordinarily efficient system to replace paper but you are also getting 24/7 support for you and your sub-recipients, whatever you need for your comprehensive, user friendly cloud-based system. We do not charge anything extra - if you need a whole new set of forms, no charge, additional in person training, no charge, additional client phone training, no charge, additional Committee training, no charge, additional workshop training, no charge.


Overall, we have four modules: Public Service (Human Services), Single Family Housing, Multi-family Housing and Special Funds (ie, landfill mitigation fees, health fees, etc.). You can view examples of our system at www.citydataservices.com, there is a demo under "Products". The demo is a scaled down version of what we do. When we work with you we put in place an electronic version of your paper system. - all documents and management tools - applications, contracts, multiple reports, compliance, monitoring, request for payments, board member application evaluations, mapping, etc.


Our modules are entirely self contained, anything and everything you need to do within the module(s) you choose, we assist you in doing. You will not have to buy something else to have a comprehensive, responsive, robust system. Our systems are affordable, we charge a flat fee to develop a module and a flat maintenance fee. If you purchase more than one, we give you a break on the costs.


The sooner you sign up, the sooner you will see a clean desk and more time for every thing else you need to do. Join our satisfied customers, call Chris, 415.572.4572, to schedule a meeting.

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